Favorite DVD's?

 I really like the Robson Moura Fusion DVD's, and the Saulo Ribeiro DVD's as well.

Any ones you really enjoy?


ryan hall. triangle. 2nd set

marcelo garcia 4, monoplata

Matt Serra's (My first DVD so I'm biased)
SBGi Material
Cyborg's Set

While I like Roy Dean's material I hate how he snaps his fingers in blue belt requirements.

Robson Moura and Ryan Hall..

Demian Maia (both)
Ryan Hall (Triangle, Back Attacks)
Little Tony's Faixa Preta series (Particularly, the Sao Paulo Approach Guard Passing)
Andre's Closed Guard DVD
Everything Robson Moura has released.

Anything by Ryan Hall. Braulio Estima's DVD's and his Cagefilm series. Andre for closed guard. Flowrestling for takedowns and scrambling controls. MGinAction is the best, but only if you take the time to really use it and study. So much is taught; everything is shown, but you have to put in the effort. Getting ready to rewatch Demian Maia and Roy Harris BJJ Over 40 very soon (you don't need to be old to benefit from his principles.)

Muffinho - Demian Maia (both)

 What has Maia done aside from Science of? Did he do part 2?


I enjoy the Bull Terrier Japanese instructionals, granted they are in Portugese with Japanese subtities, they have some of the best guys.Mendes Bros, Bruno Frazatto, Cobrinha, Lucas Lepri, etc...

Mike Fowlers Gameplan seminar is something I watched many times

Little Tonys DVD series are a great watch..also am all about the sao paulo approach

Jacares 2 disc set was good

Telles Turtle Guard is also a nice set to have

I usually watch Saulo and Demian sets .. Only BC those are the ones on my iPhone... Too lazy to convert more... I also enjoyed Jeff Glovers deep half guard vid. Phone Post