Favorite Episode of an Animated Series...

What is your favorite ep of an animated tv show? Doesn't matter if it's adult or kid cartoons.

My vote goes to South park - The Cissy( I am Lorde episode)

God I love Randy Marsh episodes.

This is probably my favorite scene of any animated series.

Every single episode of Rick and Morty. Particularly the season 2 finale and the episode Rixty Minutes in season 1.

"You Only Move Twice"

Hank Scorpio ftw!

Tough choice, but I think I'll go with the episode of Futurama titled 'Where No Fan Has Gone Before'. It was essentially Futurama and Original Trek combined.

Cowboy Bebop episode where they eat the mushrooms. 

Gohan going SSJ2

Placebo Effect-Archer


Entire episode was awesome, but this was the money shot.

Casca's tits in Berserk makes me think of Halle Berry in Swordfish and Monster's Ball.

Ricky Spanish!

Fighting - 

Ricky Spanish!

whispers Rickkyyyyy Spanish

DaveFu -
Fighting - 

Ricky Spanish!

whispers Rickkyyyyy Spanish
Haha good one

Basically the last 2/3 of the Macross portion of Robotech.

The Frank Crimes episode of The Simpsons back during Season 8

*Frank Grimes

Ricky and Morty- Entire Series

Futurama "Jurassic Bark"

while maybe not the best my most enjoyable one would be the beavis and butthead Christmas special