Favorite Fighter?

Who's your favorite fighter and why?


can't get off of nick diazs nuts myself

MainelyBJJ - 

Most improved fighter sense Tuff 1 
It's Florini!


anderson silva, the guy is a true martial artist and I love watching him fight.

Other than andy wang of course.

Jens Pulver

 If I say Sean Sherk will I get bitchslapped?

Handy or Fitch


gangsta101 - Mark "The Antidote" Coleman because he's basically the uncrowned LHW champ


The Pink Pounder

Sudo forever!

Gono Akihiro. Just look at him.

Vitor Belfort! Watching him gives me a lot of motivation.

Forrest Griffin. Whats not to like?

used to be tank, dude was a real fighter, ring octogon jail cell barroom, elevators, anyone anywhere anytime. current fighters id have to go with nick diaz, i like that these guys act like they're in a fight not a match...


mayham, bas, or nick diaz

tossup between the three muskateers

Bj..cuz hes a fuckin ninja

Wand/Baroni/Leben/Serra in no particular order.