Favorite Guitar tab site?

What site do you use to get tabs?

I heard olga.net was the best, but they dont have much on non-mainstream bands.

My favorite is http://www.ultimate-guitar.com

tabrobot or harmonycentral.com

http://www.altcountrytab.com is quality if you're looking for certain types of music...

The focus is on alt-country musicians, but there are plenty of links to other sites with non-alt-country musicians as well.

olga and harmonycentral


I've got a few bookmarked at home, but i do like these two:(Tallstrom)Chickin' pickin' guitar tabsHey, thats a cool site Detriment.

Good idea, post all your tab/guitar sites here and I'll archive it.

(Active Guitar)(Active Bass)



guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard tabs and not too many pop-ups.

Here are a few more(Jman's scale/mode relationships site)(tab generator) (whole note) (tab editor)(power tabs) (power tab search site)(Jazz guitar / Lenny Breau tabs & lessons)(tabledit archive)(swing/jump blues)(acoustic fingerstyle)(misc tabs)(Brian Setzer tabs)

some good sites, i havent check them all out but tabcrawler.com had some good tabs on my favorite band.

thanks for the links guys

TTT - I know Jman has a few more good links.



punkhardcore.com...wow! thanks gibson

another good tab site...mxtabs.net

Guitarnote.comA bunch of cool stuff, just watch out for the 'gator' pop up.