Favorite Hip Hop beats of all time

Most of my threads are about music as I'm in a never ending search for good music. Solid gold hits and 3 minute rule by beastie boys and rebirth of slick rick by digable planets and basically anything by ATCQ off the top of my head are my favorites. What's some of the OGs favorite hip hop beats? Phone Post 3.0


Big egos by dr dre Phone Post 3.0

The beat and background that's shared by these songs is one of my favorites:

Xxplosive by Dr. Dre
Bag Lady by Erykah Badu
I Like Them Girls by Tyrese (remix with Fat Joe)

Mass appeal
In this life
Never leave me alone
Still d.r.e.
Aint no fun
Shook ones
Gin and juice

More? Phone Post 3.0

Ny state of mind - nas Phone Post 3.0

The Learning - Mobb Deep
California Love - Dre Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for this noob question but are you referring to the entire song or just the actual beat?



Ms Fat Booth - Mos Def
Iron Maiden - Ghostface
Criminology - Raekwon
Wu Bangs 101 - Ghostface
Mommy, What's a Gravedigga? - Gravediggaz
For Heaven's Sake - Wu Tang
Winter Warz - Ghostface
Motherless Child - Ghostface

Frankly, Ghostface's first album, Iron Man, has these amazing soul influenced hip hop beats that are fucking fire!!!

Every time I listen, I just want to spit bars over that shit! Phone Post 3.0


Shook Ones - Mob Deep (typical, I know, but so good).
God's Bathroom Floor - Atmosphere
Get by - Talib Khali

My favorites off the top of my head Phone Post 3.0

Step into a World Phone Post 3.0

FreightTrain - Sorry for this noob question but are you referring to the entire song or just the actual beat?
Just the actual beat. Phone Post 3.0

shadowboxin Gza

come clean-jeru the damaga

emcees act like they don't know-Krs 1

it aint hard to tell-Nas

Deep Cover-Snoop and Dre

Big Pimpin-Jay Z

Flashing Lights-Kanye

Today was a good day-Ice Cube

Non Phixion ft Pete Rock Phone Post 3.0

Pretty much anything organized noize, especially outkast stuff Phone Post 3.0

Just a Lil Bit - 50 Cent
In Da Club - 50 Cent
Get on the Floor - DMX <-- my favorite beat of all time Phone Post 3.0