Favorite Instructionals

What are your favorite instructionals that helped you in your bjj the most?

my fav would be Marcello Garcias winning series 2

Kesting's 1/2 guard, I've watched it more than any other.

Carlo Machado infinite jiu jitsu. Gave me an effective open guard.

Saulo's GI series esp the mount and side control tapes.

Eric Paulsons killer leg locks.

Mario Sperry (any one of his tapes)

gizer jiu jitsu,

I watched some of it the other day. I've never seen the "americana squeeze" before. Is it difficult to pull off?

never saw alot of kestings videos but i hear they are great ne one vouch for them

I don't have the feel for the Americana squeeze yet, but usually causes a quick response from the defender. My instructor did it to me the other day LOL, it definitly hurt, I tapped fast. The defender has to be broke down well for it to work.

Kestings stuff is very good, usually covers his dvd topics from beginner basics to fairly advanced. He is more scientific in his teaching methods, if you like things done logically and unemotionally you'll love his teaching style.

is the americana squeeze where you have the climbing guard and torque his shoulder like an americana?  (terminology is always in the way)

Saulo 1 and Carlos M were my favorites.

No gi I really like Marcelo and Baret Yoshida's stuff.

Chris, that would be the correct answer.

I love Kestings stuff, Brennan's is a great starting set, and Baret's DVD is packed with info.....

Those are my fav's.

I'd have to say Relson's.

Didn't know Relson had tapes. Where are they available?

i like rodrigo meidros ultimate bjj also it helped me when i was starting out as a white


I love Cobrinha's DVD. Now that he is in Atlanta, I can't begin to tell you how many details I never picked up on the DVD through privates.

He mentioned the possiblity of future DVDs in English, which I can only imagine to be my new favorites.

Craig Kukuk BJJ A to Z. I still watch those dvd's.

anyone know if eduardo telles turtle guard and eddie bravos dvd any good?

The DVDs from Telles are very good. Bravo's instructional DVDs aren't out yet. His "Twister" DVD from awhile back is some comedy along with a number of his matches (with voiceover). It's entertaining.