Favorite journalist?

Michael Smith, he is the only one that i've seen on ESPiN that can give an objective opinion without contradicting himself and/or flip flopping at a later date.

What say you?

Ed Thompson - Coltpower.com

I was thinking on the national scene

well forget it then! Coltpower.com is all you need IMO!!!

M.Smith is alright, he gets worked up sometiems. Like the otha brotha J.A. Adande. lol


That's because he hates idiots!!!

I like Michael Smith. He does get worked up if someone is talking like an idiot.


suzy kolber and JIll Arrington

suzy annoys me, but maybe just me. Also those two chicks from cold pizza are annoying. The chick that looks like a female brady quinn. dana jacobson

I like Michael Smith too, he seems to know his stuff. Sentimental favorite is Woody Paige, kinda loopy sometimes but still one of my favorite sports reporters.

yea woody knows his shit

I could say Shannon Sharpe, but then I would be a homer. I guess I could go with Schlereth, but that would be too easy. I could say Woody Paige, but I think he is too much of a Denver fan. I will go with Adam Scheffter of the NFL network. Smart, always is one of the first to break news, and did I mention he is from Denver as well.