Favorite Judo/Sambo drills

I am looking for some creative ideas to teach in the jacket wrestling portion of my class. I don't care if it is focused on conditioning, technique, countering, etc. Looking forward to you guys expertise.

have tori lock into a throw, uke lets him in. they pause. call hajime and have them both go 100% from there. tori for the throw and uke for the block & counter. combinations are fair game. the drill doesnt end til they hit the mat.

other than that.. my favorite has got to be crashpad throws. not for conditioning, but for learning finishes for throws like sodi. you can get really inventive with stuff when there is no fear of hirting somebody.


I like to work my students with this gripping drill...

Break students into pairs. One of the pair is designated "gripper". His job is only to get a grip - one he desires. The Second student is "defender". His only job is to avoid being gripped. It sounds simple but really get the students thinking about evasion and movement. Then add to the drill the defender's job of countering with his grip of choice and immediate entrance/takedown. It can become a very agressive drill but is breaks the habit of giving away grips to you opponent.

Another drill is to practice a single throws from various grips. Gets the students thinking about the fact that ideally "any throw can be executed from any grip".


Nice thread.

Great stuff. Keep them coming .

We do a drill designed to teach people to knock off the stiff arming. Both players start with a sleeve grip and an arm around the back on the belt. and stay like that until someone has been thrown.

I really like the gripping and throw/counter throw drills suggested!!

here are some of my favorites...

4 people 1 thrower the other 3 take turns walking/jogging up to him and he has to throw them as fast/effective as possible great for confidence/quickness/endurance

3 people 1 fits in for throws 1 gets thrown the other grabs the the guy (who would be thrown) at the belt and holds him down to make it very difficult to throw

line the whole class up in pairs and have a race/tournament to see who can get in the most throws (no resistance) in 30 secs / 1 min


When I help out at the UW club, we have a lot of beginners, I'm still trying to figure out the balance between drills, instruction, and randori.

Anyway I've started trying to do a lot of drills during warmups: jog around, do partner pushing/pulling, jog, do guard passing, jog, have one guy hold one leg while you hop to stay up on the other, have them work for a bear hug, try to touch the shoulder (high grip), try to touch the foot (ankle pick), over-and-unders, etc. These can all be done in cooperative or competitive modes. I've also tried sneaking in some cooperative throwing without mentioning the throws (uki waza, uki otoshi, tomoe nage) - so far I'm not happy about that.

For newer guys I like to do a few randoris where one person is designated attacker and the other is defender. The defender will have some constraint (for instance, initially they can only evade - not block). Basically something in between free throwing and flat out head banging. I think this helps develop offense (and more effective defence) faster.

I've tried out the drills Josh suggested (starting from throw position) and liked them a lot, also doing the same thing with newaza (start in different positions).