Favorite Legendary Nights Episode

They should just put this HBO series on DVD, considering how popular it still is.

So many of them were just outright great episodes.

But I'd have to say that my all time favorite:

Leonard/Hearns. Just saw it again 2 nights ago, and seeing them in their primes...they just don't make boxers like that anymore.

Honorable mention:

  • Chavez/Taylor
  • Pryor/Arguello
  • Hagler/Hearns

They had an Ali/Frazier documentary that was separate from the Legendary Nights series. The series only covered fights that HBO had covered; the Ali/Frazier fight was before HBO's time.

But they did make that excellent documentary. I have a copy of it at home, and it's pricesless. My favorite piece in that is when Frazier takes down Ali at the ABC Studios, and ends up in Ali's guard. Ali and Frazier got separated at that point.

Pryor-Arguello was awesome. I loved how they dug into how Pryor had such a chip on his shoulder after being shunned. They included the part about him being fired as Howard Davis' sparring partner because he was kicking Davis' butt in the gym.

THAT is so boxing.

Pryor had one hard ass life. No wonder he fought with such anger.


moorer-foreman is a good one. moorer claiming it was a lucky punch. foreman claiming he was setting him up. the tie breaker was when they showed atlas between rounds telling moorer that foreman was setting him up for the right, moorer shrugged it off. atlas warned him twice and then boom moorer is out

I liked Legendary Nights, but I have to say I thought they were a little disappointing. They should have been longer than a 1/2 hour. They seemed very rushed in the story telling.

Legendary Nights 4 - Hagler vs Hearns (enjoy!)


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If anyone can hook me up with Pryor-Arguello episode. I will give you my polish girlfriend!

Thanks, HungryTiger.

Yeah I loved how Moorer called it a lucky punch. Atlas was freaking warning him!

"Yeah I loved how Moorer called it a lucky punch. Atlas was freaking warning him!"

LOL! SO true. I loved how he kept saying it was lucky, and the documentary kept cutting to Atlas saying "he's setting you up for the right."

So true. Moorer was still in denial.

That knockout was the happiest moment of my boxing life. Big crowd of friends and we all went nuts. Surreal.

Legendary Nights: Tyson vs Douglas


Legendary Nights: Tyson vs Lewis


And here's one more:

Legendary Nights: Foreman vs Moorer


"So true. Moorer was still in denial."

Pride is a funny thing like that. I'd buy the series on DVD in a heartbeat.

"I'd buy the series on DVD in a heartbeat."

I'm with you. They need to release these on DVD.

chavez vs taylor

Legendary Nights HBO:

Andrew Golota vs Riddick Bowe



Keep it coming, please. Was Leonard/Hearns 1 part of the Legendary Nights series?