Favorite Match?

I've been watching Dave Meltzers MOTYs all day today. I have to say Samoa Joe vs Kobashi may be my favorite match of all time. I still get goosebumps watching it. Phone Post 3.0

It's between

okada/tanahashi at invasion attack

Danielson/mcguinness at unified

HBK/taker mania 25 (HBK is my fav of all time so I was more emotionally invested then any other match) Phone Post 3.0

Can you post the videos? Phone Post 3.0

I don't know why but Kurt Angle vs Shane O Mac at King Of The Ring is my favourite match of all time. Phone Post 3.0

So long since I thought of a list. The recent aj styles vs suzuki match from the g1 climax is definitely on my favorites list Phone Post 3.0

I'm a Foley mark, so my favorite is Cactus Jack vs HHH at the 2000 royal rumble. Sure he lost but god damn did he go out like a champ. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a huge Foley mark too so I agree with that choice Phone Post 3.0

Tough question... So many factors to consider.

The stage it's on. Does a match like Savage v Steamboat at mania III rank ahead of any ROH classic like Danielson v Castognoli for example??

Does the names involved make it bigger?

Crowd reaction?? Example Rock v Hogan at Mania 18?

Personal vested interest in the story? Like when Foley won the title the first time, not ashamed to say I got a little misty.

Yes, there are many factors that go into deciding a favourite match, but there is only one for me that covers all bases and truly rises above the rest to become champagne wrestling...

And that match is...

Melina v Alicia Fox Phone Post 3.0

TheBearStare - I'm a huge Foley mark too so I agree with that choice Phone Post 3.0
Thread over/ Phone Post 3.0

Forget what show, but cima(c) vs. Yoshino title match.

The first shawn vs. Taker for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Austin/Bret Phone Post 3.0

So many.

But I loved Taker/Angle at (I think) Mercy maybe 05-06. Angle bridged out of Hells Gate to pin Taker.

But I could fill pages of my favorite matches. Phone Post 3.0

Flair vs Funk I quit match Phone Post 3.0

My favorite match ever started as Tommy Dreamer v. Raven in Raven's last appearance before his WCW stint @ Wrestlepalooza 97 at the ECW Arena and after a surprise appearance by Jerry Lawler and a bunch of guys getting their asses kicked by as any, Rob Van Dam and Lawler culminated in Taz beating Shane Douglas for the TV title. Being there in the arena as this all happened was amazing, the atmosphere was electric. The lights going down and coming on to Lawler being in the ring prompted a crowd noise that to this day is hard to explain. It was among the loudest reactions that I've ever heard, half the crowd seemed to be shouting "Whaaa?" at the site of The King the other just popping for the appearance of this WWF TV fixture being in what many of us felt was our building. It was crazy. Then Taz's music hits, the ring clears and then the scheduled match with Sabu starts. Sabu actually wins and then after the match The Franchise starts jawing at Taz from the Eagle's Nest above the crowd which prompts him to throw down the challenge to Douglas that he could make him tap in less than 3 minutes and if he didn't he'd leave for 60 days, no pay. That actually made a guy standing behind us say to his friend "holy shit, he's crazy. He has children to feed." Taz wins and the Path Of Rage marched on. Just an awesome event that could never be equaled in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0

Mine is Shawn Michaels VS Kurt Angle at WM 21 , to this day I believe this to be the best match ever in the WWE

benoit v angle steel cage

think it was a summerslam

Owen - Bret wm
Warrior - Hogan
Shawn - Bret Montreal
5 on 5 Canadian stampede. Phone Post 3.0

calgarymma - Mine is Shawn Michaels VS Kurt Angle at WM 21 , to this day I believe this to be the best match ever in the WWE
came here to say this. VU Phone Post 3.0

american stuff

benoit vs angle royal rumble 2003
cactus jack vs hhh 2000
mankind vs shawn micahels mind games 97
bret hart vs stone cold wm 13
ultimate warrior vs macho man wm7
hogan vs warrior wm 6

any classic wwf stuff i tend to be happy just because the spirit of the wrestling was more "real" if that makes any sense.

japanese stuff ....too many

essentially any combo of the all japan 4 corners
Kobashi vs Misawa Jan 1997 stands out the most for me
pegasus kid(benoit) vs ohtani 1997(most viscious finish ever)
tiger mask vs dynamite kid series
kobashi or kawada vs hansen or Dr. Death
anything with liger
kobashi vs akiyama at the dome
kobashi vs misawa 03

inoki vs hogan in the early 80s just because of the crowd heat
aj styles vs minoru suzuki from the g1 this year. really blew me away and is the msot recent addition.

anything with kobashi or liger(especially evil heel liger) you really cant go wrong. they consistently bring it and their matches always have something to offer. liger has slowed down though recently due to age.

theres honestly way more

Devitt/Tanahashi Lumberjack Death Match NJPW 9/29/13.. It was the first Japanese match I'd seen (actually just saw it a month or so ago for the first time), but it's definitely my favorite Phone Post 3.0