Favorite Minalaist Shoes?

I’ve don’t like the toe shoes you see, but I’ve found that the Jooma brand water shoes are perfect, and very reasonable priced.

Basically, any water shoe / sock will do, great for hiking and of course paddle boarding.

Any of you retards into minimal type shows ? What brand and model do you use and why ?

Kneepads will tell the world the same thing those expensive “shoes” would.

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How much liquor did you put in your coffee? Minalaist and shows? You’re speakin that yang.

I SUP seated.


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Mine cost about 18 bucks and last six months.
If that’s expensive to you then maybe you should focus on acquiring more lucrative job skills

In for recommendations. I work in and out of the water all day. I started out changing into diver boots every time, then just wearing dive boots, but they are just a piece of ruber for a sole and that kills by the end of the day. Im currently wearing crocks all day, in and out of the water.

Figures the gay lefty would make a thread like this.

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