Favorite MLB stadium?

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Im a brewers fan and miller park is nice but my fav is wrigley

after the game at miller you go out and your are surrounded by aspalt parking lots and highways

but when leaving wrigley you are in wrigleyville one of my favorite places to party on earth

I take it you're referring to Boys Town

Yankee Stadium. It's a cathedral among churches.


Mark1 -
Girly - I've been to Fenway around 60-70 times and I'm all about history but they need to turn that ducking thing into a museum abs build a new park in south boston or somewhere else in Fenway area. Phone Post 3.0
It's a great place to see a game, but a horrible place to actually watch one.

Tigers Stadium had the same atmosphere but had much better sight lines (minus the posts)

Mark Phone Post 3.0
I don't know if you ever went before they widened the concourses but that was a claustrophobic nightmare. So was the kenmore t stop entrance.

So many bad viewing angles. Shit even some of the newer expensive seats suck. Phone Post 3.0

Pugilist82 - Yankee Stadium. It's a cathedral among churches.
I loved old Yankee Stadium. New Yankee Stadium didn't do much for me, it felt too sterile or something. I've been to other new stadiums and they didn't have the same feel. I still had a blast and would go back, but it didn't compare the old one for me. Phone Post 3.0

Ive only been to Camden Yards in Maryland, but it was pretty nice there. Got to go to an Os game there back when the Ripken hype train was in full force. I think we went to one that was 5 or 6 games prior to his breaking the record.

Easily PNC Park, gorgeous location by the Allegheny river overlooking the Pittsburgh skyline and the aptly colored yellow Clemente bridge.

I like Comerica, ATT, Petco and the big A. Honestly i like the big A the best... fuck dodger stadium. Phone Post 3.0

Petco park Phone Post 3.0

Granted I've only been to a couple, but of those couple PNC is definitely the best.

Tropicana Field Phone Post 3.0

Miller Park, sonz! Phone Post 3.0

I hate baseball but got dragged to a Twins game. Pretty cool stadium. Phone Post 3.0

Oakland Coliseum...because it's shitty...but it's my favorite team's shitty stadium.