Favorite MMA Autobiographies? (books)

 I've read a bunch of them (Tito, Shamrock, Liddell, Hughes, Forrest ect ....)

And out of them all, I thought Tito's was the best, and I'm not even a Tito supporter. But his book was really well done. Anybody else read MMA Autobiographies too?

 Anybody read Brock's yet? Is it even worth reading?

Never read Titos.

I like Both of Ken's.

Chuck's was pretty good too.

I liked Chucks, Hughes's was a decent read too though

Lil' Evil was a good read. His life growing up was pretty crazy.

Randy's was pretty bad. He has an amazing athletic accomplishment and then he cheats on his wife. Every chapter is like that.

My favorite was probably "A fighter's heart" by Sam Sheridan. He travels the world and competes in varying martial arts styles. Insightful into the styles as as well as the reasons people fight.


 A Fighters Heart blows all other mma related books away but is not really an autobiography.  Lil Evil gets my vote. 

Hughes books was full of comedic gold-unintentionally.  Chuck's was decent, Randy's was ok (neither one was particularily endearing). 

The Machine by Ian Freeman is my favorite. Phone Post

I liked Chuck's book the best. Phone Post


USNavyEOD - Pulver

 this one?

Got Fight?

 i actually wasnt too bothered by that tito one...

loved lil evil tho