Favorite MMA fighter EVER

Holy shit I left Wand off my list... he was a favorite for several years. In fact I think I've seen every one of his fights in Pride and UFC (and several of the old IVC too).

I'll go with Barnett. He goes out of his way to suplex people or end fights with a crowd pleasing finish.

Hell, the guy even carries lighter opponents to make for a better show, even if the fight is 100% real.

Back in the day use to love Kerr

few years ago Tito

more recent Hendo

right now like Frank Shamrock and would love to see him fight the other top 5 guys

Igor might be mine

I always, always, always, look forward to seeing Wand fight.


Yves Edwards

Genki Sudo baby!......the quiet man's king


Fights like a man should.

tito got me into the sport, but how can you not love everything about the way carlos condit fights?

Saku hands down. But I also love watching Andy Hug fight.

Lot of love here for Saku. The rest of you are TUF-newbs!

Murilo Bustamante.

today Sak, tomorow Wandy

anyone from team serra

tough tough call but just one I'll go with FEDOR


Dan Henderson


...where there's a will...