favorite MMA fighter of all time

For me personally, it's Kazushi Sakuraba

Mike Green's son "Sea Bass" seems to be pretty tough.

ill tell you when im ready to die.

Sakuraba, followed closely by Nogueira.


eric paulson,randy,kerr


Couture and Sakuraba.

Phil Baroni

sakuraba or igor vovchanchyn...too hard to choose one.

Rumina Sato.

Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr is my favorite MMA fighter of all time.

eric paulson because of his allround game and his awesome subs,just a damn good fluid all round top fighter!tyson for his k.o power head movement,randy for his take downs dirty boxing,kerr for his gnp...........i dont pick fighters on how much theyve won or lost,i pick them on skills,and these guys have top skills,if you took the best of these fighters youd have the all time best fighter!

Kenneth Wayne Shamrock



Sakuraba followed by Igor Vov

Frank Juarez...Vanderlei Silva!

Frank Shamrock

Randy Couture

Genki Sudo

Pre-pro wrestling career Don Frye