Favorite MMA News Page?

What please are your favorite news pages??!? And WHY?

i use mma.tv for most of my news

if it isnt already posted on the forums, it isnt news

i also visit MMA WEEKLY and Sherdog for the radio shows. but thats about it

mmaweekly for anything I can't get here.


i check mmaweekly and sherdog some good video interviews on mmaringreport only problem with weekly and the dog is they have some pointless articles just to have something fresh everyday.



Here, then MMAWEEKLY.com then sherdog.com

mmafighting.com and sherdog.com

mma weekly.  Seems like they update the most frequently, and have been reliable.

mmaweekly.com reliable and most up to date.



mma.tv and adcombat

Sherdog. They have photos of all events that they report on, and have good editorials.

I am a bit upset at their lack of UFC coverage. That was to be expected but it is like they are not even trying anymore.

mmaweekly.com because their stories tend to be verified before being put online.

Here then sherdog

mma.tv and Spydog

mma.tv because everything hits here the day before it hits the "news" sites. I think those sites get 90% of their news from here.

mmaweekly.....up to date

If I say fightsport, will I be banned?

In order...

  1. www.mma.tv

  2. http://news.adcombat.com/

  3. www.mmaweekly.com

  4. www.fcfighter.com/news.htm

  5. www.sherdog.com

  6. http://www.mmaringreport.com/