Favorite movie quotes from villains.

"Caw, caw, bang, fuck, I'm dead"  - Funboy in "The Crow".


What else have you got OG?

I believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stranger. Phone Post


-Brakus, when asked if he killed Travis Brickley Phone Post

In early Phone Post 3.0

There is only zuel Phone Post 3.0

Damn him, damn that man.

Phone Post 3.0

Sorry. From the patriot. Phone Post 3.0

"I have something to say,
it's better to burn out than to fade away!"

cracks me up every time.

"Now i will finish what i started with your ear ......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

-master shredder Phone Post 3.0

Can you fly bobby! Phone Post

zetti - "Say hello to my little friend!" - Scarface.

Tony isn't the villain of the story

"I like to play with things awhile before annihilation" - Ming the Merciless

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? Phone Post

Fuck you Asshole. - The Terminator.

I like these calm little moments before the storm. Phone Post 3.0

"You think that when you die you go to heaven.... You come to us!"

The Tall Man, Phantasm 2 Phone Post 3.0

"I'll cut your heart out with a spoon!"
"Why a spoon?"
"Because it'll hurt more you twit!" Phone Post 3.0

"I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further."

Down here they alllll float. Phone Post 3.0

You can save what's left of him in a jar! Phone Post