Favorite Pringles flavor?


What others are good? Phone Post 3.0

Cheddar Phone Post 3.0

Soft shell crab flavor, followed by Pecan Pie flavor. Wish they had a caesar salad flavor, then I'd have that as a starter and the meal would be complete.

Regular Phone Post 3.0

Sour cream and chive Phone Post 3.0

JalapeƱo Phone Post 3.0


Just found out bbq! Its definitely bbq! Phone Post 3.0

Salt and Vinegar

Regular. I don't really like their flavoring stuff. Tastes weird to me. Phone Post 3.0

Original is the best. And jizz.

original or salt and vinegar.

Not a fan of any other Pringles flavors.

Most flavors fall way short of their beautifully designed packaging. Original and cheddar cheese are the two best. Phone Post 3.0

Pecan pie for sure Phone Post 3.0