Favorite Punch/Kick Combinations

I'm curious what you guys/gals like for your favorite striking combinations (bag work and/or in the ring).

I tend to work the following:

-Left jab
-left cross
-right uppercut
-left cross


-left jab
-right cross
-left hook
-right cross


-left jab
-right roundhouse kick
-switch kick


-left jab
-right cross
-switch kick

I'd love to see more combinations that use the left hook to the body, right uppercut, and roundhouse kick.

Thanks in advance for your favorites (and/or comments).

Thanks, Rightious.

Mine evidentally is not an entertaining thread; I was aiming for some mutual idea sharing. Maybe I should have posted a picture of a hot girl fighter or something...

Anybody? No strikers on this board? Only grapplers and spectators? I don't believe that for a second...

oh, and how can I forget the "Superman Punch."

I know, it is not a combination. But if you through enough back leg kicks to your opponent's body it sets it up really nice.

My wife was using a good one this morning:

-left jab

-right cross

-left hook

-right uppercut

She set up the left hook by throwing a few of these first:

  • left jab

  • HARD right cross (body and head)

essentially she used this really simple combination so that you could think that you were predicting her shots. Then when you set your defense for the HARD right cross (head or body), she threw the left hook and followed it with an uppercut.

2-3 (straight - hook)

3-2 (hook - straight)

4-4-3 (left uppercut - right uppercut - hook)on the inside.


Counter front kick - straight right - straight left - straight right - straight left - roundhouse.... (with the intention of moving forward (stepping into) each technique - works for me....)

...then step back and admire..... :-)


Alwaysinjured - sorry, "switch kick" ??


Right cross, left hook, right roundhouse-kick

Same but hook to the body and kick to the head

Switch the legs as if you were going to kick, throw left cross, right uppercut, left hook/swing.

left jab, right cross, left hook, right roundkick

left jab, right cross, left hook, right uppercut

double left jab, right cross

left jab, left roundkick (if i set the jab up, no one can defend this since its very tricky...footwork is key)

left hook, right roundkick, immediate right cross (same as above)

and of course...the "superman punch" of fake right roundkick and overhand right.

Overhand right - left hook - "accidental" nut shot into superman punch.

left hook/right kick. Any type. High, mid, low, front, whatever. Personally I also like to throw a straight right followed by a left low kick, or a right to the body followed by a left high kick. I've caught lots of really, really, really good people with those.

jab-cross-rear leg roundhouse ( either to the lead leg or the liver)

low inside lead leg kick- right cross ( asuming left foot foward)

eraserx13 - "left jab, right cross, left hook, right uppercut".

That one should have a name like "The Classic" or something....


Again - "switch kick"....??


What, no love for the "accidental" nut shot?!?

" - sorry, "switch kick" ??"

Sorry about that - it's an American Kickboxing term that has stuck with me.

switch kick = front leg roundhouse kick (but the front leg becomes the back leg for a moment because you "switch" stances.

I like using a lot of switch kicks because it is pretty darn obvious and your opponent will react to it. For example, from a conventional right-hand stance (left left forward) I "switch" my stance and instead of throwing the left leg (now the back leg) I throw a right knee or a right cross.

(that's not really an example of a combination, more like a Superman punch "fake-out" setup).

Thanks for all the responses guys.

I know that this is not a real entertaining thread but I intend to try some new combinations myself and I hope that some of you guys see some that you like and can use.

Happy Training to all.

left jab -> sidestep left -> left hook -> right hook -> grab w/ left into
thai clinch -> torque head to the right -> shuffle-step right foot back
-> right knee to head -> right knee to head -> torque head to left - >
shuffle step left foot back -> left knee to head -> left hook -> right
uppercut -> double leg into mount -> right elbows to the head...

RuleDog, that's 8 shots to the head BEFORE the elbows from the mount...

...I think that should pretty much finish the fight.