Favorite sporty car for under 35k?



Honda s2000



Am I missing any??


Dodge Neon SRT-4
(Read up on a stage 3 kit, HOLY SHIT)

Saab 9-3 Vector

g35 or sti hands down

How bout the Lancer Evo VIII?

I have a questions for you ricer fans.

Mitsu has come out with the hi-HP WRC type of car for consumers, and Subaru has the same with the WRX, how come Ford dosen't have a version of the Focus like that?

Ford has a world famous driver for the WRC team with Collin McCrae, why haven't they capitalized on that by building a Focus WRC Edition?

Ford does have a version, but not in the US. You need to have a similair version to for the public to runt he car in WRC. There was talk of 300hp/300tq cosworth AWD focus... I know it never made it to the states, but it may be available in europe.

There is also the Turbo Focus called the RS which is available in Europe.


I've seen the rs focus and have a "Top Gear" video on it win which it's compared to the wrx and the evo. Very fast car but not quite as fast as the evo or the sti.

European fords are much nicer than the ones we have here.

Ford is making money hand over fist with the mustangs and having a ford focus that uses too much gas may tip the scales unfavorably for the corporate average fuel economy.

More like "having a hopped up 4 banger that is faster than your topend sports car" for ford.

It's all about money. Fords bragging rights exist with the new mid engined GT.

I'd love to get a G35

G35 is nice

no real market for a $30k Ford Focus.


There is a market. A very small market.

For Subaru to build the WRX involved very little. They had the AWD systems. They did some modifications to the powertrain, really.

It would involve more money than Ford wants to commit.


"no real market for a $30k Ford Focus."

The RS is selling well in the UK witha 4WD cossie due when they upgrade the range. There are a couple of companies offering a 4WD conversion now using siera cossie bits.

Let me rephrase.

No real market in the US for a $30k Ford Focus.

And just becase it sells "well" doesn't mean it is profitable for the mfg.