Favorite StarWars Character?

It is a tie between Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru


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Womp Rat #2

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Han Solo


Always been Darth Vader, now it might be baby yoda...


The Sarlac Pit

Rio Durant!

Wedge Antilles

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Obi Wan.

He really lost everything.


But seriously, han solo... And not that bullshit han solo in the newest trilogy.

Darth Maul

Chewie, Han, Mando and Gina.

Boba fett

Soup Nazi - Spock

You Sonuvabitch


I was a big fan of Kuiil until he got killed. That was sad.

Gold leader

Obi-wan, with Embo a close second.

Chewie for me when I first saw it as a kid, probably R2D2 next

The Fetts and any Mandalorians, and Chewbacca he is a hero but didn't get a medal.