Favorite streetfighting techniques

there's always alot of talk on here,about streetfighting,or barfighting,and it got me wondering,with such a broad base of people here,what most think are the best techniques for bar or street fighting.

mine are the headlock-choke,knee kick,thumbing the eye,and punching the throat.

would love to hear more,to add to my skillset,not fight stories,just favorite techniques that have worked for you.

Depends. Bigger guys. Just pick something up and hit them over the head. Same size or smaller. Double leg than GNP.

Groin kick, headbutt, throat punch and if there is more than one..........prison like stabbing :)

thai clinch knees are by far my favorite in a street fight since everyone tries to grab you in a street fight, absolute fight ender.

Run up from three feet behind, combine this with an over hand right/superman punch. He will be knocked out if he didnt see it coming.

Pull out an upgraded BFG and blast him into a crimson molecular spray

lol,i don't carry an upgraded bfg with me.

Biting and eye-gouging are very effective techniques.

double leg into the pavement imo

tyre lever haha

Hadooooo Ken!!!!

lol, I got into a streetfight today, but it was more just a shoving match, so not even worth talking about. was really dumb

Sand/gravel thrown in eyes.

Triple Decker Pecker Wrecker or TDPW is best imo

The Knife stab is good as is the point gun and pull trigger multiple times. I also liek the face oppoenent dan distract him while your boy hits him from behind.

But watch out for the Krav Maga guys, they are deadly. You don't want to mess with the Israeli martial art.

lol,i'll assume the smart aleck ones,

live bless lifes and have never had to defend themselves.

come on guys if your going to be smart aleck do it right,where's Machine May,he could do smart aleck right!

Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, front suspension.


Thread over! Also, if there is more than one attacker, a quick one two will be gold against most people you will run into on the street. If I am being overwhelmed, I am grabbing the first fucker I can get my hands on and taking an eyeball out of his fucking head with my thumb, I might just eat it for the Fear Factor, nobody will want to fuck around after that shit.

^ I agree with him

MT knee to the face.