favorite training music...

my favorite trainng music disturbed, limp biskit, godsmack, drowning pool, linkin park, and ultimate beat downs

let me know what your favorite training music is????

slipknot is probably my favorite, but when working mitts and such...can't go wrong with some dope beats!

ocalafighter see other post

Slipknot/Old School Metallica

I'll add to Rays.....anything by BOSTON!!!! Preferably "more than a feeling"

Lunatic Fringe?  Vision Quest gets me hard.

oh yeah....for some odd reason Pantera gets me jacked the fuck up....far beyond driven

mark of cain, "contender, familiar territory, interloper(re-mixed)", r.a.t.m. "know your enemy, bulls, bombtrack", rollins, "a heap", chemical brothers, "left right", ministry, "nwo,just one fix",couple of tracks from the new anthrax cd are awesome, helmet, fear factory.

sepultura,pantera,slayer,deicide,cannibal corpse,testament and death angel.

its raining men,YMCA,anything michael bolton,and of course i will survive. yep that about does it

damn geekboy i left those out(slaps head)

realisticaly: killswitch engage,pantera,testament,DRI, parallax,7dust,suicidal tendencies,motorhead,old metallica,mudvayne,and of course celine dione

mudvayne, Ra, Seether, System of a Down


One word..... HATEBREED