Favorite Video Game Moments...

Ok guys let's hear your favorite video game moments.

For me #1 is no question beating Dragon Warrior 3 and realising how everything ties together 1, 2, and 3.

#2 would probably be the first time I fired the shotgun in Doom. That was sooooo fuckign badass..

Chi-chick BOOM! Chi-chick BOOM!

good call on the doom shotgun

my first time playing quake. my buddy got me a copy and it was just me and him on the server. im walking around amazed that i can use my mouse to look and zoom, i see something just run past me. im slowly turning to see where he went and he whips past me again this time running and jumping.

at this t ime im saying holy shit cause he was facing me the whole time and strafing which was totally new to me.

needless to say i died a lot but it was awesome

The first time I cleared a ramp on GTA 3 over a subway track, and the screen went into slo-mo, while the radio in the game was still playing that opera song.

I was shocked to see them use something similar in their commercial for the game.

The doom shotgun was actually Boom, chi-chick.

Seeing Sub-Zero's head rip fatality in MK1 for the first time was awesome

Bionic Comando - when you fight and kill hitler at the end and his head blows up.

Getting that damn dragon punch to work for the first time in SF2

I've got more, but i can't remember them for now.

When I discovered that Dan had betrayed us in Winback. A friend and I had called it all along because he ducked right before the explosion hit in the opening credits. But to see it happen in the cinema scene had me going apeshit.

Beating Max Payne

Beating Hitman 2

StarFox64 - It was the dogfight level with the huge pyramid. I'd played through maybe a dozen times, getting VERY frustrated. On my last go through, I was down to the wire, sweating bullets, and gripping my controller so hard it was creaking with strain. Finally, I beat it, and with a huge sigh of relief, I dropped my controller into my lap. Right then, the huge pyramid exploded and the (then brand new) rumble pack gave a mighty jiggle deep into my crotch.

The combined satisfaction of simultaneously beating the level and getting an unexpected rumblejob made it one of the most satisfying videogame moments in my life.

lol @ willybone

LOL@ Willybone

Playing Mario 64 for the first time and running around with Mario. My lord that was a great feeling.
Playing the game ICO pretty much all around gave me some of my favorite gaming moments.
Beating the first Mario Bros. game was the first of many favorite moments. I think that was the first game I actually beat.

The very end of Ico was one of my favorite moments also.

Splatting Hitler's head in Bionic Commando.

Finding out that there were invisible walls in Zelda - that was the first time I ever swore.

Killing that first zombie in the original Resident Evil.

Seeeing the first summon spell in Final Fantasy VII. Damn near shit my pants

i could beat double dragon with 2-3 quarters back in the day. but i play the CHEAP way. the back elbow way hehe.

anyway, here are my fave game moments..

first time i saw street fighter 2. i only had 50 cents in my pocket and the game cost fifty cents. up till then i had only heard about the game from other people. anyway of course i put in my coins. i was just so fucking awed by the choice of Eight characters (was huge back then) that the time ran out and i ended up with ehonda. blanka killed me in under 40 seconds but damn the game was amazing with the huge sprites and all

when i was in kindergarden i used to wake up at 5:00am every morning before school and go upstairs to my neighbor's apartments, ring the bell, wake them the fuck up and ask them if i could play super mario bros on their daughter's nintendo (well, i didnt exactly ASK, i just said "i want to play nintendo" and they'd let me in cuz i was a kid, and theyd go back to sleep). i ONLY used luigi so i would start a 2 player game, and purposely kill off mario so i could use greenand white luigi. the thing is that they only had one controller but i didnt give a dam. i would keep switching the cont.ports back and forth so that i could use luigi all the time. i kept this up for at least three months until my mom got me my own nintendo

mma monkey, you must have found some adults that were very tolerant. my god, i would have kicked your ass back downstairs if you woke me up that early, lol.

playing x-men vs. streetfighter with about 8 of my buddies for 6 months straight was a great time in gaming for me.

the day when playing gta3 when i kept jumping the ramp at the boatdock beside where that semi was parked. for some reason, that sticks out in my head.

The very first time I connected with a friend via modem with Doom2. I spent most of that summer staying awake till 4 am doing one on one deathmatches with this same friend.

Signing onto Day of Defeat for the first time. I find myself in water up to my neck, bullets and arty splashing all around, and a long beach to crawl up in front of me (you die about a zillion times on that map). This was my first time playing a game with multiple people. Awesome!

LOL @ rumblejob.

Playing Madden 2001 against a friend. The score was 17-17 with 15 seconds left, he had just completed a pass to my 25, so the game was basically over if he kicked a field goal. He called a deep pass and had a guy wide open. In desperation, I just picked a guy, hit speed burst and jumped at the last minute ... and picked it off. His WR hit my guy and then fell off, then another guy came and I juked him, then another guy came and I juked him and took it up the sideline for a 90 yards and a TD to win the game. My friend was screaming, he almost sounded like he was going to cry for a second. It was pretty funny.

Pretty much the whole time playing Fallout 1 & 2, especially the end of 1 and the beginning of 2.

The fist time I played Starfox on Super Nintendo.

It just came out and my friend bought it. We took a bunch of acid and were partying before going to see Phish at the Aragon Ballroom.

There are a lot of moments from super mario. winning it for one, but also discovering the secret level for the first time, and the secrete warps. The first time I won mike tysons punch out. learning up up down down left right left right b a start. The first time I played the x-men arcade game. the first time I played teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game. beating ninja gaiden. wow there's just too many to list.

just remembered another one, finding out samus was a chick!