Favorite Video Game Moments...

My birthday when I was 15 and I got Warcraft 2. I played that game all day and all night.

Metal Gear Solid 2 when five guys attack you in the bathroom and you go all nuts on them. After tha battle there is bodies and blood everywhere.

Wolf 3D was the first game where my mouth dropeed becasue you could shoot people and blood would fly out.

Doom when I first whipped out the chainsaw and cut into a zombie.

Tie FIghter when I bagged my first X-WIng.

When I beat Super Mario 64....even my Mom was proud.

i had some pretty heated games of tetrinet against 5 other people

actually we would play 3v3 and play that shit for 6hrs straight sometimes with alot of bitching at each other involved

Beating Mother Brain for the first time in old school Metroid. I swear I walked around like I saved the world.

Opening up the Zelda box, after two months of saving my money, and finding a solid gold cartridge waiting for my NES. As a young kid, it was the first major thing I saved up for. I still remember, it was $40.

The first few seconds of gameplay on 007. I thought the game was unbelievable.

lmao @ rumblejob!!!

kicking ass at soul caliber against all my buddies was always super intense.

winning my first game of civ was pretty sweet.

For me it was beating Final Fantasy II (US version). That game had a long-ass ending but it was satisfying as hell.

my whole max payne 2 experience thus far.

Almost all FF2us, the climb to mount ordeals, running into the voice that is your father, turning to the Paladin, the story between Cecil and Rosa... The ending... The music, the credits... Everything about that game.

Playing deathmatch for the first time, on doom 1 when it first came out via null modem, in the drafting room at school.

Playing Four player Coop Future vs Fantasy Quake 1. 1 Doom Trooper, 2 fighters and a Cleric, knee deep in the dead.

Hours and HOURS of playing Top Gear (one of the best non 3d racing games ever).

Playing Madden 93, running the Punt Rush as a run defeating play, using the Great Mel Gray (Detroit Lions return specialist) as a free safety of sorts...
And holding Emmett Smith in that game to -3 yards per run.

There's so many more, that I can't remember.

oh shit how could i forget Fleet Defender. the first game i played religiously on the computer.

my pilot callsign rick hunter. i would spend hours playing this game and every medal earned was one step closer to being the man himself (played game when first introduced to anime robotech)

tie fighter -being on a mission with vader. tried to kill him and got owned i dont think he was killable.

xcom 1 - night terror missions is all i need to say

What a great topic. I just remembered, playing starfox on SNES for the first time and seeing the first boss. Pilotwings was pretty fun too the first time.

The first ever Doom death match I played was awesome too - I'll never forget how much fun I had. Me and the same dude from school used to deathmatch every single day right when we got home from school.

Squatdog is correct. I was never more pissed off at any video game character than I was a *********.

Holy shit thank you guys for the nostalgia!

"Playing Madden 93, running the Punt Rush as a run defeating play, "

Dude, i did the same thing and it worked injust about every madden up to 1996 i believe. I always did that if i started losing.

Top Gear kicked ass, i remember going head to head many a time with my buddy darrell (was actually his game, but i got better at it then him).

Starfox was awesome and revolutionary.

I played lots of Jet Fighter II back in those days, was always fun to drop bombs on san fran.

back in highschool my buddies and i all had starcraft and would play daily. when brood wars came out it was like paradise.

almost every knight we would play 4 vs 4 games and everygame was like a world war.

we would play this crystal chasm map or something and we would seriously have epic battles for each resource spot. good times.

we also used to LAN 8 player games like brood wars, counterstrike, DOD, warcraft 3


A legitimate gamerground catchphrase!

me and my friends were playing virtua tennis for dreamcast and we chose 4 players, but had one person on my side just stand there idle. I beat my friends 2v1 in what was nearly a shutout.

The first time i ripped someones head off with sub zero in MK1.

Getting a fireball out with Ryu on streetfighter 2, i begged the guy at the arcade to tell me, begged him.
In the end he says 'semi circle forward'

Starfox on the SNES....i didnt really like it or was any good at it but looks totally different from anything else at the time.

Playing castle wolfenstein/spear of destiny on the PC.

Also the shotgun on DOOM.

Lets hear more.

God, all the memories from X-com... They come out sounding like Paintball memories...

'Well, I was peeking around this corner, then I had to sprint all the way back, while Justin and Bach were giving me cover fire. Then Steve dropped a HE into the window and it landed RIGHT behind them...'

LOL first time xcom on mars

it was like 2 in the morning lights were off just me and my elite squad. one commander named boba fett led my soldiers.

as soon as i stepped out i shat a brick. it was so freaking scary on the surface runnign crater to crater.

or my first terror mission. not only my first terror mission but it was a night mission. i would send my guys out only to die as soon as they left the ramp.

lots would die on the ramp and i remember sometimes having my guys inside my ship mind controlled.

or xcom the rush or going int oa warehouse knowing a disk thingy just went into it

ultima online wheni t first came out.

first day i got it i was disconnected every 5 minutes. later that night i was finally able to run around and see what was up.

i am running around, tons of people everywhere and i see a cow. sweet a cow and i have a sword. kill time.

i attack the cow and boom! guards fill my screen and i die a very quick death.

anytime in a fps and you have a sniper rifle, zoom in real close and pull the trigger. that's awesome.