Favorite Video Game Wrestler Challenge

Any time I played a fighting game,I would always play as the pro wrestler character.

From Mike Haggar of Final Fight,Zangief of Street Fighter,or Wolf Hawkfield of Virtua Fighter,they were usually done some sweet justice and had the most badass wrestling moves.

If they fought in a super battle royal,who would win?????

My vote goes for the big man,Zangief.
Come on!Master of the 360 Pile Driver.
Nobody else could pull this devistating move off like him,and when he does,instantly half the life bar gone.

And he's Russian,now that's badass.


Aki Man

King from Tekken

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grizz632 - King from Tekken

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game ovah

But,but,but,can King do the 360 piledriver hhmmmm?

No,he couldn't even hold Zangiefs' red speedo.


Little known fact: Zangief soiled himself after watching these videos

Bow down to the King!

Ahhh.... How 'bout the original master of the triple German suplex, Marstorius?

from the 08 MUGEN wrestling tournament. Guess I was wrong about Marstorius.

Zangief vs. raiden (vader)

Semi-finals: Muscle Power vs. hugo

Semi's Griffon (Tizoc) vs. Zangief

Muscle power must've been hulked up in that third round. he was a no-sellin' sumbitch.

The Final.

And where the hell is bass Armstrong???