Favorite wrestlers?

Nothing super mainstream. Dude's I was always liked to watch were Owen/Blue Blazer, QuickDraw Rick McGraw. Vince always jobbed him though. That sucked.

Also loved Vader. Remember when he had like 4-5 different World titles, cool shit. UWA, CWA, IWGP, WCW...

His whole tgimmick kicked ass when he first appeared, with the steaming mask and all.

Bob Bachland, Angle, Benoit...at least they can chain several moves together.

Jericho, hands down

Inactive wrestlers I always loved watching would be Dynamite Kid, Curt Hennig, Dusty Rhodes, Benoit, and pre-wwe Mysterio

The list of active guys I love to watch would be huge, but mostly indy and japanese guys


Bret Hart, Scott Hall, Jericho

Eddie Guerrero - entertaining mix of comedy and technical wrestling.

Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Benoit, Eddie, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall

Jericho, Saturn, Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Tajiri, Raven and Scott Hall

I figured Benoit goes without saying. Def. fave, as were the Bulldogs. Another guy that was great was Norman Smiley.


rick martell.

Sick Nick Mondo

Mick Foley

The Amazing Disgusting Blob (okay, I made him up in create-a-character mode)

It's all about style and looks...and that belongs to SuperStar Billy Graham. And Flair runs a close 2nd back in the 70's.

As for today...who cares?

Dean Malenko

Lance Storm


Bret Hart

Alex Shelley


Super Crazy

Nigel Mcguiness

I noticed there weren't any Nick Mondo threads in here.

Scott Hall
Brett Hart
William Regal...

SHit, I rembered someone else today, and I've forgotten now. Dammit. But I can't forget Eric Embry when he saved World Class/USWF gimmick/era. Awesome run.

Some active guys I enjoy:

Bryan Danielson, Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush, Satoshi Kojima, Minoru Suzuki, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Shuji Kondo, Naomichi Marufuji, and about 95% of the Dragon Gate roster

The Good Rev

I love that guy