Favourite current fighters

Who do you have to watch or get most enjoyment out of watching at the minute?

Watching a lot of Roman Gonzalez at the minute. Unreal fighter. Any word on him fighting Inoue yet? Cant think of a much better fight than these two

A little biased but Carl Frampton is also must watch for me.

Golovkin and Kovalev.

He hasn't fought anyone yet but I have high hopes for Anthony Joshua.

Am I missing anyone?

Inoue is injured mate, doubtful until this year or next year I think. The boxing podcast I listen to
Nuthouse asylum. They were saying he's out for up to 8 months but I can't remember how long ago it was.

Yeah I'm a fan of Gonzalez and frampton too. Rigondeaux, Ward, Golovkin, Kovalev, Lomanchenko and my biased pick is Lee Selby as he's Welsh.
I have high hopes for Callum Smith. Phone Post 3.0

I also like Rigondeaux. He needs to step up and fight Frampton ;-)

That's bad news about Inoue. Really want to see that fight

Lomanchenko looks a cracking fighter

Must check out that podcast to


In no particular order.

A lot of really good fighters out there at the minute Phone Post 3.0

Also love watching Frampton. Phone Post 3.0

BaronessTitiVonTramp - Must check out that podcast to
I don't see how anyone can not like Frampton(especially if they're British).
He's sound, down to earth lad. Unless you're a total Scott Quigg fan boy I don't see how you can't like him.

That podcast is good mate, every Sunday night/Monday morning it's uploaded. They call it how they see it, they give Sky and Matchroom shit for the shite they try to pass off as decent cards. Phone Post 3.0

Terence Crawford

Froch is my favorite active guy. He still hasn't technically retired.

Canelo-If Froch retires soon then Saul is probably my favorite. I love his style and his willingness to fight the best. Every time he fights he brings that big fight feel. Sorta like Oscar. He's probably the most marketable fighter I've ever seen. He's got all of Mexico behind him,all the Mexican-Americans,he's white,and good looking. Not to mention that he can fucking fight and punches like a motherfucker.

Also I'm a fan of
Sergey Kovalev
Tyson Fury
Andy Lee
Artur Beterbiev

I seriously can't stand Carl Froch, that man is a complete ass hat. Phone Post 3.0

i like crawford, porter, lara, kovalev, 

Browny85 - I seriously can't stand Carl Froch, that man is a complete ass hat. Phone Post 3.0

He can be a douchey at times but he's down to fight anyone and is always entertaining.

Also I meant to put Bud Crawford on my list of active current favorites. I'm a fan of Algieri,Lucas,Provo as well

He DID fight everyone due to the super six tournament. He beat a Kessler that had seen better days in the rematch.
Didn't want any part of the Ward rematch.
Was all for avenging the Kessler loss, Ward gets mentioned he goes quiet

Don't get me wrong as a fighter he had my upmost respect. His stamina, grit and determination is another level. The amount of contradictions and self loving that comes from him pisses me off.
He actually called himself a 'international super star' Phone Post 3.0

I'm also a fan of Crawford and Erroll Spence Jr
I see those two as the main lads at 147lbs in a couple of years Phone Post 3.0

Well he didn't have to enter the super 6. Bute didn't. Froch has fought everyone at 68. Ward,Kessler,Bute,Abe,Dirrell,Taylor,Pascal,Groves and he beat all of them except Ward. I thought he beat Kessler in the 1st fight. It was close though and in Denmark.

I don't see the point of a Ward rematch. Ward beat him with one arm. Froch cant beat Ward. He knows it everyone knows it. I'm pretty sure he even admitted it. It wont sell as much as a fight with Golovkin or JCC and it wont be an exciting fight due to Ward's style. That's just my opinion though.

The ward thing is where some of his biggest contradictions come from. First he says ward doesn't want it again. Then ward isn't a big enough name. He's chasing the big money fights. Then he'll only fight ward in the city ground(Nottingham Forest Football Stadium).

Of course he had to enter the super six. He'd talked himself up so much, he had to go in and try and back it up.
As for Bute that man is a mental midget. Unless it's going his way he doesn't wanna know. I think the thought of the super six was enough to put the shits up him.

Look, like I said I have the upmost respect for Froch the fighter. He's just a bell whiff of a human. Phone Post 3.0

He and Eddie Hearn have also been saying Golovkin isn't a big enough draw.
The JCC fight is all but dead since his latest defeat.
Froch should just retire instead of dangling string in front of his fans eyes and teasing them with the chance of one last fight. Phone Post 3.0

I really don't think Carl is ducking Andre or anyone else but I guess we'll agree to disagree :)

Cotto and canelo Phone Post 3.0

The fighters I get the most enjoyment out of watching at the moment would be Lomachenko, Ward, Rigondeaux, Crawford, Ward, and Chocolatito. Phone Post 3.0