Favourite current fighters

"When I knocked out George Groves in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Arena......" Phone Post 3.0

Even being a cynical fuck and hating the absence of any semblance of depth in boxing today, I am fairly excited about a number of guys that are on the boxing scene. I always enjoy watching Terrence Crawford, Andre Ward, GGG and Sergey Kovalev fight and I am appreciative of the fact that we are finally getting to see a bit more of Roman Gonzalez. Also, I look forward to seeing the way that Arthur Beterviev, Mikey Garcia, Errol Spence and Joseph Parker's careers progress. I do hope though that in order to maintain any degree of entertainment value and warrior ethos that remains in the sport that we see a profound change away from the amateur scoring and refereeing methodologies that taken over the professional ranks of the sport and that we return to an era where fighters are actively penalized for clinching and where fights are scored on the basis of effective aggression and the amount damage that you are able to afflict upon your opponent. Phone Post 3.0

Sadly, I am losing my love for the sport that once disctated much of my life. Other than Cotto, there isn't anyone that is a "must see" out there. I loved watching guys develop into Superstars by beating other great fighters. I hate having guys like Broner for instance getting so much undeserved attention and being forced on our TV's. The overall decline of skills is so significant that I can't take it serious. 

  I miss the 90's when a Don King card would have 4, 5 or sometimes 6 different world title fights. Other than the Floyd-Canelo card with Matthysse vs Garcia, I haven't seen a PPV in over 10 years where I thought it was worth the money. I don't see myself buying another boxing PPV card ever again.

  And now with the new PBC on primetime free television, I should be excited. Instead I honestly don't even know when are scheduled or on. The matchup's have been embarrassing. With the exception of Broner-Porter, not one fight has even slightly caught my interest. It seems to have greatly hurt the sport overall.