Favre wants to be traded


Favre asked to be traded

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Jay Glazer / FOXSports.com

Posted: 2 minutes ago

The man who may have the biggest name in Green Bay sports history has asked to be traded.

Several Packers and league sources have told FOXSports.com that Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook phoned Green Bay's general manager Ted Thompson within two to three days of the draft and asked for a trade. The sources said that Cook railed off how his client was fed up with the organization and wanted out.

The shocking request appeared directly related to the team's inability to trade for WR Randy Moss.

isn't it mandetory for all about to retire, my best years are behind me players to go to MN??


I thought they were supposed to go to Washington?

no no they buy all over priced free agents.

Favre isn't going anywhere because it's apparent the Packers don't really have a promising alternative. If they were really sold on Aaron Rodgers as their QB of the future, that future would be now and they wouldn't have been so desperate and vocal in wanting Favre to come back.

Btw, what pisses me off is that Favre was even willing to give part of his own salary to Moss to make up the difference between the $3 million guaranteed money that Moss wanted and what GB was willing to pay (and 3 mill for Moss is dirt-cheap anyway).

I would have rather had GB's 4th round pick than NE's, plus we would have gotten to send him out of our conference, and just out of spite not send him to a SB frontrunner.

Besides I can't see Favre ultimately going through with a dramatic change of scenery this late in his career, unless it's to a top SB contender, and nobody like that is in the market for an old warhorse like Favre to make one last run.

This is much ado about nothing.

Daniel Snyder popped wood upon hearing that news.

Is Favre even relevant anymore?

they should have gotten him moss so he could be happy

He loves him some Moss!

I think the only team that would make sense is the Bears. But even then, he should probably just retire if he doesn't want to play in GB anymore.

I hear Houston will be in the market for a QB next year!