FBG Duck Shot Dead

Those werent custom shoes, anybody can buy them


Boy was I relieved when I clicked on this thread and realized Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s duck is still alive.

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Aren’t they Gucci or something? That kid was broke and bought those shoes to self snitch, imo

Yup their gucci shoes, I’ve seen them anywhere from 800-1200 dollars online… Muwop 100% bought them to brag/self snitch

Most Chicago rappers are shot dead. They can’t have examples of successful black people coming out of Chicago.

They’d shoot Jordan if he wasn’t behind a bulletproof gate.

Trap Lore Ross dropped a new video yesterday.

This one is about Drakeo.

I watched this cat on no jumper talking about banging chief keefs mom when he was 16. Lol.