FBI agents arrested heading to Pride event

That’s what I’m wondering.

Well you could read any of the billion articles about it to answer that question. What’s the matter, Cernovich and Tim Pool aren’t telling you what they were arrested for? Guess you’re going to have to expand your reading material.


“ It never came to pass, fortunately. After a 911 caller reported seeing a group dressed like “a little army” pack into the U-Haul at a local hotel, cops stopped the truck and arrested the men on the misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to riot.”

Sound legit. What a big win for the Feds. Funny how they usually aren’t as interested stopping actual rioting by the left.


Misdemeanor? Lol

Hope they got tickets for no seat belts being stuffed in a Uhaul too


What makes these guys “their own kind”?

Conspiracy to riot misdemeanor. No evidence released yet but they say they have documents that show it.

I didn’t check to to see if it was legit. But this was posted as the guys arrested on twitter.

You didn’t need Twitter, you could have found it in any of the countless articles on this. They are the names and mugshots directly from the police/court documents.


You mean I don’t need to go searching on all those other sites because it’s on twitter. You got it twisted.

And yet you don’t know if it’s legit because it’s just some jpg “somebody” posted.

Since they all have names posted with pictures it would be pretty easy to confirm who they are, no? they way the social media is I’d imagine co workers/classmates/neighbors would be positively IDing these guys

Guys are marking it harder than it needs to be. They are real people. Surely there were informants in the mix. How much fuckery there was (if any at all) remains to be seen. Misdemeanor so likely nothing even comes of it. If the FBI was doing FBI things, they would have gotten them to try and do a lot more than a misdemeanor.

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That was a hoax perpetrated by the Lincoln project.

It seems that the Patriot front is a legit hate group that was spawned from the vanguard group after the unite the right rally in Charlottesville.

Interesting bunch of groups showed up in Charlottesville

Yes but you don’t seem to understand I didn’t go looking for the info, there was a link to the pics on twitter in this thread.

What are their screen names here?

Well don’t we have a member that admitted to being part of a white supremacist group?

So you’re saying we shouldn’t just speculate without evidence, WTF.

Of course not, we should go from speculation to firm conclusions that we defend vigorously , and never, ever, show evidence to support this.

If we show evidence, the liberals win