FBI Arrested the 4 Louisville Cops that Murdered Breonna Taylor

Yeah, let’s wait for some facts…

Who the fuck called those cops “heroes?” I don’t recall anyone saying that.

And fuck taylor and her bf.

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Fuck being a cop in the liberal shit holes. If I had a few years before retirement I’d just give speeding tickets.

There will be a lot more Uvalde cops in those shot holes

What is it that I believe?

I know right?

If you can’t lie to get a warrant and break down somebody’s door in the middle of the night and shoot them dead then what’s the point of even being a cop?!?!?


You can’t reinvent yourself when we’ve been interacting with you for years.

Edit: I’ll allow you to reinvent yourself if you denounce CNN and the current state of the Democratic Party.

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Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Bounce

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Without being spoon fed by the media how can he be a proper BLM ally? Probably has a ‘Silence is Violence’ sign in his yard.

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The cops kicked down the door without a warrant? Well that’s illegal.

I thought they had a warrant, kicked the door down and returned fire. I forget.

I don’t give a shot really because I don’t live in a shit hole, although the cops did kick down the door pf the wrong house here and held people at gun point

Evolution of the take: It’s their fault because they weren’t wealthy enough to live somewhere better

some information the left doesn’t cover about Taylor’s love of thugs and drugs.

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The cops that served the warrant(kicked in the door) aren’t the one’s that filed paperwork with the courts swearing out the warrant. They were just serving the warrant.
The doj have charged the guys working the case who possibly lied to the courts to get a warrant signed. Fuck them if that’s what they did.
Doj also charged 1 of the guys serving the warrant who was outside and blindly shot into the apt at least 10 times when the shooting started. Fuck him also, you can’t do that. You have to know your target and what’s behind it.

Good post. I think that distinction is really important. If you knowingly lie to get a warrant etc there has to be be accounability

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Idk. I’ve seen his script slip during the blade raffle threads

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I think he’s the alter ego of a very prominent and reasonable forum member. Same with Cheddar