FBI Grabs My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell's Phone

You don’t know much about much

yes your 401k is only realized as a loss of you sell

But it might take years to get back to where it was. Meaning you are losing “years” potentially of growth

And anyone who is close to or of retirement age. Don’t have time to wait for the market to come back

so they scale back. They don’t buy their dream Rv to retire with


And yes. Some recessions are natural. But this one could have and should have been avoided

Why doesn’t the FBI just arrest all these people and just say they’re a threat to the deepstate and that they’re just arresting them.

Why the need to pretend to get warrants or investigate their shit going back 30 years looking for one slip up.

He’ll be contributing even more to US society when he’s making license plates!

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You’re really gonna be upset when the GOP shits on you just as hard as the Dems

I don’t pretend to be an expert on economics

The market goes up and it goes down and it repeats.

So what if I wait?

That’s true.

But that’s also how it goes.

That may be cold but there are NO guarantees in life so if you aren’t moving stuff into lower risk ventures then you’re getting bad advice OR the universe just decided to shit on you there is nothing that can be done

Sure. This is a direct result of the govt being unprepared for a highly transmissible illness. Bush 2 warned the plans were lacking during his admin … which means admins before his ignored the problem.

Nobody listened to him and the COVID happened and the entire govt - Federal, state and local - lost its shit and didn’t know what to do

They made stuff up as they went along.

And here we are

No wonder he’s eating at Hardee’s, the crackhead is facing … how many lawsuits now?


This is what he see’s when rights are in charge.

But this is what they’re feeding him.


lol Trump continues to poison everyone and everything he touches


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Because Trump is a douche and everyone gets tired of him eventually.