FBI infiltrated BLM


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lol riiiiiiight


In this case infiltrated = joined.

LMAO at this shit. They literally let them and Antifa goons spend 3 months burning most major cities in this country to the ground. And looting, destroying business, LE equipment.

Nobody in the govt gave a single fuck. Hell you had several in the govt adding fuel to the fire.



I think we all would be surprised where those trillions go every year from the Pentagon.


Dont forget tried to storm the white house and hurled rocks and bricks at secret service/police injuring them. While they laid on their backs and took it. Like bitches.

But but but ashli babbit needed to be shot in the throat.

Fucking faggits


Really? I think most of us not brainwashed have a pretty good idea.

Maybe 50% towards the retarded funding they pass to give to other countries, 20% to our country/3 letter agencies, 30% lining the pockets of nearly every politician as they’re all, for the most part, corrupt pieces of shit.

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This crazy dude may have infiltrated but we all know nothing was done. Andy NGO chronicled every arrest during 2020 riots and 85 or so % were charges dropped , released without bail. One of those scumbags Rittenhouse shot was arrested the night before and out rioting again the following night. They cant have their paramilitary arm arrested , held , and convicted as their constituents would be pissed. According to that weasel Garland, we couldn’t get the rioters or the people who tried to kill Trump at the WH because they did their crimes at night.

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