FBI labels Mike Glover and his organization as Terrorist

You have no life if that is what you signed up for. It’s not something to be proud of. It was one thing to sign up during WW2, where we faced an existential threat. But every U.S. conflict since 9/11 has been utter bullshit fueled by the greed of military contractors. Shame on you if you participate in that nonsense.

Who the fuck are you to judge someone’s life?

99.9% of life is like that.

Great. So blame them and not the guys who went so I could stay home making bank.

Do you have a choice? Are you able to opt out? I’d love for people not to get shot up for the reasons you mentioned.

How do you make that happen wise ass?

I think the sort of bonds and connection you form in military are hard to replicate anywhere else in society. Your perspective of every interaction with other humans should be transactional is a very millennial approach to life.

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Pretty sure 911 was not existential and yes politicians exploited it for their own gains. But people serving did it to protect us even if the government took them for a ride.

This does not accurately describe what happened. He did not dive into all the background on that vid. But, hey… talking out of your ass seems to be your strong suit, so keep on…

As I said above… I graduated from Wharton… could have gone right to Wall St… had always wanted to serve Force Recon, so I did it… many folks I ran across there had other options - a number of guys played D-1 football or wrestling and had hook-ups for ‘better’ jobs, &c… you have no idea what you are talking about.

Lol you think there aren’t real threats :joy:

Ah, the innocence and ignorance of youth.

The military pays their own salary by that logic :joy:

Do you think we don’t pay taxes?

Maybe if you didn’t get caught being a criminal you could have served.

Were you not smart enough to say “why no sir, I’ve never tried any drug…”

Unless you had neck or face tattoos before anyone else was doing it, and if that’s the case thank you for your trend-setting service :saluting_face:

Oh there are real threats but this guy isn’t protecting you from them

Sure ya do.

But the govt pays you for shit so the taxes they collect from won’t support even the pitiful amount of pay/benefits you guys get.

They gotta get it from people getting paid real money.

Nice projection.

I’m allergic to everything and since the Cold War was still on when I volunteered and the army would have put me somewhere with seasons they decided they didn’t want to pay for antihistamines or treatment.

Fact is, if I woulda been in with a mental midget like you and would have had to listen to your small minded drivel then they did me another favor rejecting me

Enjoy your wait at the VA ya big hero