FBI releases hundreds of whitey Bulger files

Haven’t gone through them yet and most are probably highly redacted but if I come across or if anyone comes across anything interesting post it in the thread

For those who don’t know whitey Bulger was allowed to run amok with protection from authorities since he was also being used as an informant


They let guys like him and Greg Scarpa get away with literal murder multiple times knowingly while working for them. It is a prime example of why people should have a healthy distrust of the FBI and government in general. Hell, Sammy Gravno told them he murdered 19 people and they made a deal to let him be a free man to get what they wanted.


I feel like they had him whacked in prison. His relatives were involved in some of the shady deals that hunter Biden was involved in

God, Howie Carr must be orgasming in his pants right now.

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It’s all shit I’m sure he was aware of for.years now.

As a fan of his show, it’s amazing to hear his take on Boston. What a fucking corrupt shit hole it is. Just like the other corrupt shit holes (eyes on you NYC, Chicago!).