FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s "Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide" on 'Militia Violent Extremists’

I’d honestly be shocked if the OG collectively and probably all of its individual members weren’t in a government database or on a fucked up watch list of some kind.


First they let BLM and Antifa terrorize people and destroy businesses, then they spend countless resources on a few jackoffs who trashed Nancy Pelosi’s office. Now this.


Same goes for universities and the media. These are so corrupted to the point that they cannot be fixed . They need to be torn down and rebuilt


I likely came here in 2005 on several watch lists already.

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Feds rarely go after real criminals. They are scary and dangerous. They leave it to us local cops while the feds arrest mentally-disabled people they’ve tricked into participating in plots.


Spoken like someone who has dealt with them. They are the most risk averse people I’ve ever met. They hire assets or ask local PD to do their scary shit, but still jerk themselves off and take credit for everything. I’m not talking about hostage rescue or swat type shit, just dealing with potential threats.


I know they senators are just trying to get some wins and publicity at these, and they are funny, but I wish they would have some rational discourse sometimes. Actually let the questions get answered.

LOL at the agent beating his wife after coming home from a swinger’s party.

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