FCF is awesome!!!!

I know that there has been some threads on this forum where members have had some bad service from ordering MMA gear.Well I ordered from FCF by credit card on Sunday night,and called them Monday morning to verify.
Well I live in California and FCF is in New York and I got my stuff today(Wednesday) without having it shipped overnight.

I just want to say to the members that FCF has fast and great service!!!

Full Contact Fighter does have the BEST service!!!

True, true.

i've never bought from fcfighter. I only buy from sherdog.

I bought from Sherdog also and had just a good as service.TTT for FCF and Sherdog.

They are both excellent sites.

Onthemat.com is very good as well

got my gear from them real quick too

too true. I have ordered two times from FCF and both times my merchandise showed up in about two days. Great service! And with a free FCF magazine to boot.

really good service,except one of my orders was gifts and they called to verify the order.i was telling them i didn't place the order and thought it was a mistake.they called back and said it was order from another address from a relative. so, i had to act surprised when i got it. the only company i know that called to check the order,plus they threw in some extra's.