FCF presents MMA FIGHT NIGHT II Results

 Thanks for sharing, Morgan.

Morgan is right other PRO shows have grappling and kickboxing matches in their shows. Should people get a discount on those tickets?? Also amatuers weigh in at 4 the same day they fight at 6 so the final card isn't known until then. Jason...jason....we are doing amature shows at the gym for the gym. It's not about money, the tickets cover the cost of the show and the concessions go to the gym. Phone Post

 Zilla is the Man!!!!



God damn Packer fan Phone Post

I never eat before fight. Gotta stay hongrey on game day!

zilla is one handsome devil

How about some pics of the ring girls booty???? I know you have a couple. Phone Post

Nope Phone Post

Gorilla Morgan -  Nope Phone Post


That sucks. I can't get enough of that azz. Phone Post

WTF!! I always video taped the ass of the ringcard girls...I'll post some of the beaten up ass of 5150 ringcard girls when I get home





Mahoney's mom:


rumor has it that Anthony Sullivan tried to molest one of those ring card girls, just not sure which one

^^^ I don't blame him!!! Phone Post

I do!! I wouldn't touch those skanks with Shane Garretts dick! Granted he has one? Phone Post

Hell I would fuck both of them. They look better than some of the other ring girls I've seen. They don't have fat rolls or a 18 hole golf course for and ass and thighs. If you zoom in on their ass it looks good as hell. Marvelous are you just mad they wouldn't Suck your dick and sucked Anthonys

Hell Marvelous maybe they did suck your dick and just didn't do a very good job?!?!?
I also heard Mep and Mahoney pulled a train on all of them after! Any truth to this?

 100% true.

I fucked the ring announcer in the pin stripe suit!!! Beau Taylor!!!! Phone Post