FCF Radio Horodecki / V. Valimaki

It's an all Canadian edition of FCF Radio, in this latest show we speak with Chris Horodecki and Victor Valimaki about their upcoming fights this weekend.


If the high kick lands, no one stands

War Horedecki!

Go Horda-poop!

Guillet is in for a tough one.Hordecki's standup is awesome and he is very tough to get to the ground.

This is going to be one of the best TKO cards ever.Possibly one of the best cards on Canadian soil.

TTT for hordecock!!!! way to go little buddy lol

interesting Horodecki mentioned that Hominick fighting Hioki and not Menjivar is a possibility. Paging TKO, Paging TKO...

Yeah, I should have Stephane or Shawn on the show to clear up the Hominick / Menjivar. Clearly, since Ivan fights within a few days of TKO 29 in Japan, it is far more likely that Hioki will fight Mark now.

talked to Steph yesterday and he said Hominick vs Menjivar is a go

I'm just as eager to see either fight so I'm happy either way.

if this isn't the best Cdn card ever, I don't know what is.

I was busted for what??

i listened to that radio show this morning while delivery mail. great interviews by both.

WAR HORODECKI, can't wait till the end of the month when u can sya u beat two very tough opponents in a 3 week span


Victor has trained harder for this fight than I've ever seen and is in the best shape of his life. No DUI's and just became a proud dad for the second time. There's no reason to post ugly things like those last few about him.

Hey Ultimate H8TE...

I'd be careful about making comments that you can't back up... no need to spread the hate.

About the roids... if they banned all the athletes that took a form a steroids then we would be left with very few competing... and the American Olympic team would be a disaster... with over half involved with steroids...

Also, I'm talking athletes... not fighters... there's a difference.

I don't understand all this hate towards my brother. I've obviously known him my whole life, and even as a crazy kid, he has never been disrespectful. He hasn't said anything disrespectful toward any fighter, even behind closed doors. Even if he wasn't as good of a fighter as he is, his work ethic is strong and he never underestimates anyone. If that isn't a quality to respect, I don't know what is. Sometimes I get the feeling that all the haters towards my brother must train with someone he has defeated. I wish him luck with his fight tomorrow and a congrats for being a father to a second daughter.

ive never seen Victor not be a class act in mma ,bjj,haters are just jealous of other peeps acomplishments. I dont know why people post back to attention seekers who hide behind screen names!

Wow buddy, put down the haterade.

Plus everyone with any knowledge of Victor knows he's far too fancy to drive himself around.

He has an elderly black chaffeur who is his only real friend and has stood behind him for decades.

I get verklempt just thinking about it.

You know me too well.