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MARK HOMINICK/HATSU HIOKI 2 - The inevitable rematch

Mark Hominick wants his belt back!

By Marco Antico

Mark "The Machine" Hominick has never looked better in his career than he looks right now. He's been an active fighter since dedicating himself fulltime to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In fact, he fought six times in calendar year 2006, three more times than the year before. He not only won, but absolutely dominated five out of the six opponents he fought, leaving the ring without a scratch!

But, sometimes in the fight game the losses hurt more than all the successes combined. This may be the case with Hominick's devastating loss to Hatsu Hioki at TKO 25: CONFRONTATION which not only left Hominick beaten and unconscious, but it also cost him his coveted TKO World Championship. "I want that belt back! It's all about getting that belt back for me right now. It's been on my mind since the day I lost it and I've been waiting each day since then and now for my rematch", explained a very focused and hungry sounding Hominick.

Hominick was and may always be the greatest champion in TKO history, having won it twice and successfully defended it seven times! And there is no doubt that Hominick and Hioki are two of the best 145lbs fighters in the world, perhaps being the very best. "I think we're both top 5, for sure", said a modest Hominick. "Everything is on the line for us in this fight. I'm throwing my UFC career in jeopardy and he's putting his PRIDE career on the line. But, it's something we've got to do because this fight is meant to happen."

Hominick has never seemed more focused than he is for this upcoming fight, "Nothing else matters to me right now. It's all about February 9th. All my energy is on preparations for this fight." When asked how he sees this fight differing from the last, Hominick responded, "I had a bad game plan the first time I fought Hatsu. I went out there not caring where the fight took place. I even took it down to the ground once and didn't look to stand back up a couple of times. I was content to have a grappling duel with him. My game plan this time around will be similar to what it was against Jorge Gurgel, except that I'll be able to push the pace a lot more since Hioki is my size. Everything is feeling great right now and I'm coming off a win just last week against a tall opponent (Doug Edwards, in the Ring of Fire promotion) which I think was good experience since Hioki is pretty tall himself."

Hioki previously told TKO he was confident that the fight wouldn't stay standing the whole time. Hominick says that's fine with him, "I'll take an opportunity to finish the fight either standing or on the ground. It's not that I underestimated Hioki the first time, but it makes a difference that I know who I'm fighting now. I'm focused on accomplishing my goal to walk out of that octagon as Champion again!"