FCFIGHTER poll UFC 50, my take

I just took the FCFIGHTER poll, and figured I'd post my thoughts and see what the UG folks rebuttal or thoughts would be. Perhaps you can sway my take or simply post your thoughts:

I am picking Sylvia over Arlovski because we have not seen Andrei be as dominant over larger opponents as he has with the smaller guys he has wins over. I feel Tim hits harder and has a much better striking defense then anyone else Andrei has fought, and will most certainly use his strength, punching and reach to nullify Arlovski's ground game. I feel Andrei will rise to the occasion, partially due to pride and try to strike with Tim, and despite being a more well rounded striker, he will fall from Tim's punches, and clinch.

I am picking Terrell over Tanner, because he has the better ground game, better cardio and most likely a better chin, his youth, speed positioning and improved striking will be more then enough to get either a late sub or decision over Evan.

I am pikcing Tito over Belfort, simply due to the old "who has more to lose" factor. If Tito loses again he will fade into obscurity. Rumor has it his marriage is on the rocks, the last thing he could handle would be another loss. He will have the size, power and conditioning over Vitor and will end it by decision or by ref stoppage from a cut. I look for Tito to reinvent himself and get back on track.

In keeping with the "who has more to lose" factor Phil will blast out Robbie who's chin is highly suspect. Phil is the better wrestler, the better puncher, neither has outstanding cardio and despite being "friends" both know whats on the line, if Lawler loses which I feel he will, he will be able to bounce back better from the loss then Phil would. Phil will win by KO!

Mike Kyle is a great fighter despite the horrid KO he suffered at the hands of Eilers. I feel his well rounded striking, conditioning and power will get him a KO, or a ref stoppage.

Paul Buentello definately has his hands full with Eilers. Both are great strikers, Eilers has outstanding cardio, but is wild and will charge in, Paul will keep the striking distance, will use leg kicks and punches to control his opponent, and will end it by ko by punch or kick on the feet.

Riggs and David will come out on fire. I feel Riggs has the better and more powerful striking, he is used to the heavier opponents so he will not be manhandled as Louisseau usually is able to do. Riggs will not have to worry about subs from David, but David will have to worry about Riggs sub ability and striking, Riggs will win by KO or ref stoppage.

Karo will win by sub late in the third round, his cardio had better be improved over his last two appearances as Lytle is the sleeper of the UFC, he has the tools standing and on the ground, stays composed at all times and has the timing. Karo is just the x-factor and will most likely use his throws, solid chin and aggresion to get the late sub.

Nick Diaz will be looking to improve his last couple appearances, the man has the ground skills and boxing skills to beat anyone. He has the UFC experience behind him and stays active, he will sub Fickett at the end of round one, or beginning of round two.

Arlovski TKO Sylvia

Belfort DEC Ortiz

Tanner SUB Terrell

Loiseau DEC Riggs

Diaz SUB Fickett

Lawler KO Baroni

Kyle TKO Irvin

Eilers DEC Buentello

Parisyan SUB Lytle

You have some very interesting takes. I disagree with a couple.

I have lots of respect for Tito. But I think Vitor is just on another level. Tito will not be able to do to Vitor what Randy did. If Tito does get Vitor down, he won't be able to put Vitor away, and he may not even be able to keep Vitor down for the whole round. He certainly won't take Vitor down three rounds in a row. At some point, the fight will be resolved on the feet and there Vitor wins.

Arlovski will be just too fast and skilled for Sylvia. I think Sylvia has only fought grappling intensive fighters (Ricco) or worse strikers (McGee and Cabbage) at this level. Arlovski will destroy Sylvia on the feet, and count on it- Sylvia will try for the takedown before the fight is over.

I agree with your other predictions, although I don't know anything about Fickett.

Arlovski will blast Sylvia with leg kicks, Tito will keep Vitor down and win a dec via g&p. Baroni will ko lawler. Tanner will beat Terrell by brutal g&p or Terrell will win in a stand up fight. Riggs will beat Louesau by ko or tko. Eilers and Buentello will be a war.

Tim will be training to eat the kick and drop the right, just like he did with Ricco. I cannot see Lawler subbing Phil, shit he ate knees to the head from Suluoev and didn't get ko'd. I also cannot see Tanner subbing Terrell, but keep them coming this is a great card and I'm sure the UG can break this one down pretty well.