FCTV Intvw Leland Chapman and VanO

Had a chance to catch up with Leland Chapman who was cornering VanOscar Penogaroff at last night's Gracie Proving Grounds. Both cool dudes. Sorry about my mic handling at one point--was a long long night... Auryte! Fctv


cool interview

gotta get him to do a technique of the week!

correct. he fought n lost a decision to billy hall. hall dominated on the feet. prado was able to get it to the ground, but not sure why, but just laid there in side control and didn't do anything. it was really kinda bad. a bit controversial on the decision, but maybe a punitive loss? i dunno...

i wish SHE would've done that--but noooooo......... :(

killed my own thread? :(

oh man


jeebus, somebodies watching the vid, view count keeps going up?

read the comments under the vid. jeebus, seems the ladies like leland

lali lali icehead.

he actually got boo'd by the audience when they were announced, but we all started laughing because we knew that most of them are on the receiving end of leland's mace. hahahahaha. micros. jeebus.



loco moco 3 x a day? oh man!

that's fuggin hardcore for anybody. he is da true L&L FAN!!!!!

hana hou. man this guy has a lot of wiminz fans.

Nice interview. Thanks for posting it.

no sweat. figured he's always being discussed on the forum so why not grab an intvw w/ him since i see him at all the events.

goku, i think we had a rowdy bunch at that event. not the "normal" crowd. i have a feeling many of those boos came from peeps who have something to fear from dog... oh man