FCTV Tech of the Wk: Penny Thomas

i'm sure everyone here has seen this move a trillion times, but not by mundial/adcc/pan am champ/cutie PENNY THOMAS doing it. OH BRUTHA!


She is awesome!

She is a cool girl!

I meet here while out in LA for the Pan-Ams in 2006.  She is really cute, and the accent...added with the fact her BJJ is unreal...yea...she is a cool girl!  Saw here beat a girl from Brazil that was at least 6-7 inches taller, and heavier by at least 60lbs.  Penny's guard play is very very good.  I also have not meet anyone (that is not a "big name") that gets to trvel for BJJ like she has!  That summer along, I think she stayed in LA for a while, then shot down to Sandeigo, then over to Hawaii, then to Brazil for the Worlds (She won again!), then back to So. Cal.


she's looking for sponsors. :)

Penny rules. Awesome person with GREAT jiujitsu.

and that accent, whoa.....

"she's looking for sponsors. :)"

really?... tell me more

BTW, this is the girl that will beat gina carano in a year or two. you heard it here first--starts striking training next week.

raze, aim me! ;)


I have no doubt that if she ever got into MMA, she would be hard to deal with.

I would like to help here out anyway I can. I have not spoken to Penny in some time, but I would be willing to drop her name to a few contacts I have.

have her (or you) shoot me an email (columbusbjj@yahoo.com)

- Dustin Ware

dustin, mahaloz man. i'll forward this to her. :) mark

hana hou!


your welcome!