FCTV808 da the news!


p.s lol @ the andy wang syndrome. Cept it's with the wife and not the parents. :)


Was that glove photoshopped on?

I have no idea, but I noticed I really messed up the title of this thread. lol

No offense and all but she's either gotta know something or Marks got her locked up in his basement lol

Aint he on the tv commercial? lol

Props to ya for making your debut @ 38 years old. Thats how old I am too :-)

"Aint he on the tv commercial? lol"

Yeah, but maybe she only watched korean stations. lol

Favorite part of it:

"This is my first mixed martial arts fight, but I've been doing grappling arts pretty much my entire life," Kurano says. "This is the final level of competition. Since my legendary ramen thread was deleted from MMA.TV, I have had to refocus. No one can delete the Yamato Damashii from my heart."

Awesome!!! Get 'em, dude!


I was going to compliment his "barong pilipino" but then realized that its a photoshop thingy. War Kurano!

Deleting that thread was some cold shit..

did anyone find the perp?