Hi there Mr Blauer I remember when I got in a street fight I couldn't think straight like I had a complete adrenaline rush or something. I couldn't hear nothing other then myself and the other guy just saw the guy I was fighting.And also I didn't stop until I was stopped by someone. is this becaue of fear. How come I wasn't scared before or after the fight and how do I prevent this from happening again if a street fight occur not that I go looking around for one but just in case of emergency what should I do

Rob, sounds like you expoerienced one of the magic aspects of our survival system and that is the singular undiluted focus created to address the thread, Period. COncepts like tunnelvision, auditory exclusion etc can have negative connotations but they also have very profound and positive uses and they are all aspects of the body's inate survival response.

So you dont want to change this.

Your ablity to stop once the threat is no longer is more education/training and is a skill in itself and should be looked into because you could legitamately defend yourself and then cross a line into excessive force even if the oppoenent created the entire problem.

As for why you did or didnt feel fear...sometimes you do, sometimes you dont, it really depends on the scenario and the time it takes for the pre-contact to contact phase.