Fearless Goat vs. No Show Assassin

Promoters- Sign Fearless Goat vs. NativeAmerican No Show Assassin for an MMA match. The guy comes on here and disses guys like Medina, Spencer, and everyone else. Put the guy against a "nobody" like me. Sign this match for Summer 2005 if possible. I am tired of this guy talking trash about ALL MMA fighters, and not respecting anyone. I am tired of the trash talking, and the harrassing emails this putz sends me. I dont care about the weight advantage of his. I want this fight.

Robert "Fearless Goat" Mrotek

Watch out GOAT, he is a "FULL CONTACT BOXER"

he sent a couple to my account at mma.tv and a couple to my personal email...sent 9 over the last 5 months saying stuff like "you fight for small time," "you get taken advantaged of by promoters unlike me," "You back Jeff Paul because he has you brain washed," "You arent the professional fighter I am, and you are jealous," "I would knock you out."

then after my first XFO fight in June 2004 he emailed me one sentence saying, "You had a small time promoter take advantage of you, go ahead and keep fighting lol."

Hey Ryan, let's start of the Krull Fan Club....

KFC baby... greasy, fat chicken = Ron Krull  

I know he has emailed me, Jeff Paul, and one other guy that posted on here; but cant remember who it was.

Fearless Goat

I want this fight!

Ron Krull, quote:  "You had a small time promoter take advantage of you"

Yah, Monte Cox is small time because he represents all of the Miletich Camp. 


am I spelling it wrong, or does Krull just not come up on Sherdog's fight finder?


  I am 1-1 amateur dude. I am a "Nobody" as you call me. Which in MMA I basically am. So here is your perfect shot to end the "no show" nickname you carry. You dont have much to lose here. Stop being a coward.

jonwell- you spelled it right...he claims to be a big MMA fighter but there is no record of them anywhere. His only record is his pathetic boxing record.

Im having a hard time beleiving that Ron Krull is a real person...let alone fighter...


Im having a hard time beleiving that Ron Krull is a real person...let alone fighter...


all we need now is a promoter to say "I will sign it," and then it's all in Ron's hands again!

"His only record is his pathetic boxing record"

The Official record works out to Ron Krull losing 69% of his fights.

He's a bad-ass!

Ah ok. Was wondering, because I don't know why anyone would talk shit on Medina... he's about the nicest guy I've ever met.


he talked shit about Medina, Spencer, and just about every other top MMA fighter out there.


I hope DMIfightguy messes him up like Franca did to Manny Reyes