feb 2 wayne parr vs tony bonello.

king of the cage is happy to announce, parr will be fighting bonello under kotc rules on feb 2nd at penrith panthers. bonello will then be fighting ufc and pride fighter, dan bobish in april. + in the next few days i will have the full card of our dec 3rd card.

What weight will this be fought at? I saw the fight between JWP and Soren on fox last week and he looked very strong even at that weight.

Awesome, go JWP :)

Does KOTC rules include elbows, in NSW, probably not.

interesting fight.dont know about j-dubya's ground defence, but it would be very interesting to see how Tony's lauded standup skills hang with one of the best muay thai fighters in the world.. (if he chooses to stand and trade)

Who does Wayne train ground with, i tried to get him intrested in grapling about 6 years ago lol
Hope he does well anyway, an aussie ledgend for sure.
How did his fight with Soren go btw???

is this an mma match then? normal round length etc etc? ...very interesting

He probably thought you were hitting on him Frank. I'm sure seeing you try to grind your groin into another mans face would put anybody off the sport!

As for the JWP/ Soren fight.... I hope Mr Bonello was taking notes. Soren looked completely out of his league. I think it was a 2nd or 3rd round KO. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Go JWP kick his ass :)

lol, no col..... all the hip thrusing into guys faces i learnt at your gym!!!

Hey, Shoulders coming along Good!! maybe 6-7 weeks ill be in :)

If it is MMA i see an early takedown and JWP loosing and being dominated. :(

Sweet, definitely be interested in seeing that fight. Keep us posted Pedro.

i was under the impression these guys would be 3 weight classes away from each other?? does anyone know what weight they have settled on???

Fantastic fight this will be.

you just can never truly predict the outcome of something like this, and it will be a fantastic spectacle.

BIG ups to KOTC for this, and for spending the $$ to get the recent likes of Jason Suttie on their cards.

great work guys...

And ps... I wanna fight Brad...

best regards,


Brad V Lock would be a nice quick one.........

I think this will be a great fight between Tony and Parr! As some of you guys that know Parr well have already stated he is a professional and has integrity! Which gives this fight credability!

As for Tony's weight he is in the low 80's at the moment so a drop to high 70's is not a big ask! I think its great for mma that Parr has agreed to the fight and full credit to him for stepping into a new challenge!

And to Dave Lock, thanks for the compliment on asking to fight me! But for this next KOTC show I am fighting for the Heavyweight Title and my focus at the moment is on that and that alone!

Dave, just a word of advice, after having trained with Luiz in Byron and now training with Brad in Penrith, i would definately say it might be a good idea to set your sights a little lower...

You in NSW now Biddy?

Justees, ive always lived in NSW mate, but i have moved down to Sydney to begin a new career, currently living in Eastwood, ive heard filthy rumours you might be coming out penrith way for some training sometime soon... can you confirm? although id prefer you stay away, my ego can only handle a certain specific amount of people beating me up...

Yeah biddy i'm hoping to get down in about two weeks time to get a good beating. Hopefully catch you then mate.

It would be great to see you at Penrith Justees!