Fed up w/ the UFC!

I just read on the MMAWeekly news page that Edwards/Thomson won't be for the LW title belt.

There is absolutely no good reason not to put the title on the line in that fight. This is another in a long line of screw-ups by Zuffa.

- 4 vacant titles, with no solution in sight.

- Denying Arlovski his title shot. He should be holding the HW belt RIGHT NOW.

- Trying to cut Lindland. I think the only reason Dana came back and offered Matt another fight is because of the uproar raised by his fans.

- Stripping and banning BJ. I really think this is a strategy to get Hughes back as the champ. I don't think Dana wanted BJ to win in the first place.

- Now we have this BS about Edwards/Thomson not being for the belt.

I've about had it with this organization. I've been a loyal supporter of the UFC since the beginning, but I really cannot stand to see what they're doing to the premier event in the US.

I'm seriously considering throwing my MMA dollars behind the WEC, ROTR, and other smaller shows.

I don't believe those other shows are on ppv.

Where did you hear that it is not for the lw title?

They didn't denied Arlovski for the title, he's injuried!!!!!

"They didn't denied Arlovski for the title, he's injuried!!!!!"

When Sylvia couldn't fight, the title fight was put on hold. Why aren't they putting the title fight on hold for Arlovski? It's favoritism, pure and simple.

"I still support them because they have brough t this sport back when it was almost dead."

You shouldn't support your competitors. :)

I want to see the WEC make a move and become a legit alternative to the UFC. They need some competition, to either force them to straighten out, or to put them out of business entirely.

*Shaking my head in disbelief*

"*Shaking my head in disbelief*"

Don't hurt yourself

Last few UFC shows have rocked. no worries here as long as the fight shows stay as great as they have been.

Go to the Wec.tv website. Leave a message to Scott Adams. He'll get back to you.
Oliver Fig

I will support the UFC no matter what